War of Morality

Publisher: Village Tales Publishers

Author: Augustine Sherman

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Price: GHS 45.00

Augustine Sherman argues in his new book the contradictions of the church to God’s true intent for man. War of Morality, through dialogues, gives a vivid depiction of what is actually required of man, as man is key to achieving the true essence of what God is and who God is. Knowledge comes only through understanding, so too justifies why coming in oneness with God demands understanding and not faith. Outside of any religious demand, the book goes on to objectively explore, with practical applications a number of sensitive subject matters relative to our social, economic and moral responsibilities. The author believes that the persistent reoccurring chaos in the world today is the result of a root cause embedded in the foundation of our philosophy that God, our creator requires faith to achieve oneness with Him or it as supposed to achieving understanding of the very God’s creations, which most certainly give us glimpses into God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

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