Kobby’s trolley

Publisher: Smartline Publishers

Author: Adwoa Badoe

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Price: GHS 12.60

Kobby wasn’t about to let his tiny size keep him from his dream, but Mr. Owusu’s mean attitude and his parents’ empty pockets certainly weren’t helping. Was the dream still worth pursuing, even if all odds were stacked against it? At some point in every person’s life, a desire to achieve always arises. The way we deal with the opposing forces is what will shape us for the future. In Kobby’s Trolley, Adjoa Badoe entertains but also urges us to pursue our aspirations...to the very end! Adwoa Badoe was born in Ghana, West Africa, where she qualified as a physician in 1988. Since becoming a mother, Adwoa has developed a keen interest in children’s literature. She currently lives in Canada and spends much of her time writing down the stories she tells her children.

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