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Author: Richmond Asare-Nketsiah

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The human race is in trouble. Many youth are naïve as they are confronted with issues which look daunting in the midst of a myriad of socio-economic and political challenges. They are limited in the resources to engage with as they face new PROBLEMS and OPPORTUNITIES.

Many have regretted missed opportunities and those squandered. However, millions including top managers, business executives, parents and other professionals have no clue as to requisite knowledge, skills and tactics to employ in WINNING THE DEAL at the NEGOTIATION table.

You need to overcome the tactics of the opponent and make a GOOD SALE or WIN THE DEAL HANDS DOWN. This I believe you can achieve successfully by Understanding YOUR BARGAINING POWER!

Discover vital tools required as a winner on the negotiating table be it in business, ministry, profession, marriage or academics, as you parley with your potentials to the peak of your performance. Bartering to GAIN all material things is good, but to REMAIN in the hearts of the people your engage with is far better and more fulfilling.

Find out how to critically examine the authenticity, the legality, the ability and the sustainability of the other party (offeror) and the offer before you enter into any agreement or endorse the pact.

In this classic manual, you will treasure the TWELVE (12) BARGAINING NUGGETS that shoot you from a ‘beggar’ to become a ‘billionaire’. Whether you are experienced or an amateur you can make it to the top and achieve all of your aspirations in the boardroom as you learn to discover and utilize YOUR BARGAINING POWER!!!

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