Publisher: Concept Generation Publishing House

Author: PJ Pence

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Price: GHS 20.99

HIDDEN teaches the secrets of effective Christian Living in the modern world. It is a powerful self-help handbook that can be a real treasure in anybody's hands. It gives principles fit enough for kings and leaders-it opens "secret" doors to success, prosperity and power-which so far have eluded many.

This is the book of the moment. A book that shakes you from a limiting state to a higher dimension of power and authority! Power beyond measure! In this book, P. J. Pence, an authority in these matters, helps you discover that there are MIGHTY POWERS within-which are free for all yet HIDDEN.

This book shows you how to unleash these hidden inner powers, to enable you overpower and control the uncertainties of life-practically putting you in the driver's seat of your destiny. HIDDEN deals with the day-to-day situations of life and unravels the mysteries confronting man. This book provides powerful redeeming solutions, which are buried in the ancient antiquity of Scriptures.

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