Between HER WOMB & YOUR TOMB: How To Make Your Life Worth Celebrating

Publisher: Emmanuel Cisco

Author: Emmanuel Cisco

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Price: GHS 18.00

Regardless of your age or condition, your colour or creed, your location or occupation, 

this remarkable book will certainly inspire and provoke you to improve your personal and 

professional life in ways you haven’t imagined.  The question is: aren’t we all between 

wombs and tombs? We definitely are. Right ahead of you lies your future, like a road 

leading into a long distance. It’s called the journey of life. But along this journey of life, 

there are obstacles to overcome and dreams to accomplish. When you look back (at your 

mother’s womb), you can’t even remember how it all started. When you look forward (at 

your tomb), you certainly cannot tell how it will all end. But in-between your mother’s 

womb and your tomb is your once-in-history golden Opportunity of Life. 

Yesterday is forever gone. Tomorrow might never come. But today is your life. What are 

you doing with your Opportunity of Life? Are you merely enduring it or you're really 

enjoying it? Are you merely alive or you're truly living? Are you a blessing or a burden to 

your generation? Guess what? The best investment you might be making in your life this 

year could be drawing deep inspirations from this incredible book to make your 

Opportunity of Life worth celebrating.

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