Surviving In Your Wilderness

Publisher: Others

Author: Steve Mensah

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Price: GHS 9.00

Have you gotten to a point in life where you ask the question “When will this suffering end”? Have you gotten to the pointwhere you feel that God is not hearing your prayers? If you are in
a phase of life where you seem to be going through a period of dryness, discomfort, abandonment, bitterness, sickness, disfavor
 and financial crises then this book is A MUST READ! The Author, Rev. Steve Mensah through practical and several true testimonies of others, brings hope and assurance of victory over
your season of wilderness. He also delved deep into explaining what wilderness experiences are and what to do to get out of it. He explained that your wilderness can be a place where the
promises of God seem very far away. The wilderness is also a place where you find God; a place where you see the glory of God. It is where you see the power of God; where God also shows Himself strong on your behalf.

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