African Cultural Values

Publisher: Sankofa Publishing Company

Author: Prof. Kwame Gyekye

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Price: GHS 35.00

This book is a study of the cultural values of the African people that can be extracted from myths, maxims (or proverbs), artistic symbols, and religious beliefs, as well as socio-political practices and institutions The text includes a rich collection of sayings and folktales, including an African version of the story of the tortoise and the hare. The author makes abundant use of African maxims in particular, explaining, interpreting, and highlighting their meanings and the values embedded in them. Anyone interested in having some knowledge of the cultural values of the African people that goes beyond mere description of facts to analysis and interpretation will find reading this book rewarding. But the author's ultimate point is that the creation of African modernity requires serious and well-intentioned evaluation of traditional African cultural values.

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