Crossroads at Ankobea

Publisher: Asempa Publishers

Author: Kojo Yanka

Availability: In Stock

Price: GHS 5.76

JOHN BLANKSON has just finished his studies at the university. Towards the end of his course he had come to a turning-point in his life: he had decided to live from that time on under the direction of Jesus.
When he leaves the campus for Ankobea, he has no idea that he is to be the next chief; but his uncle, Nana Kwesi Mensah III, has died and John discovers he has been chosen to succeed him.
How would this university graduate, a young Christian, fare as a traditional chief? How would the demands of traditional customary practices affect his Christian faith? Crossroads at Ankobea illustrates the struggles entailed in any effort to wipe out superstition from an African society.

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