Busy Body

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Entitled Busybody, this book is the story of the efforts of four brothers and sisters to put together, various English expressions using names of parts of the body. Woven around everyday activity the various parts of the body are taken in turn and treated in sentences and phrases in idiomatic style. Comprehension questions at the end of the book help recapture what has been learnt. The spice of language is the proverbial and idiomatic use of words which does not only facilitate communication but also makes speech more appealing. You cannot afford to do without this book if you are interested in enriching your word power. This book is particularly suitable for children in Primary Class Six and Junior Secondary Schools. Adults interested in enriching their use of the English
language will find the reading of this book very rewarding. Peggy Appiah lived in Ghana from 1953, having been married to Dr Joseph Emmanuel Appiah a Ghanaian
political activist. Whilst in Ghana her life was a full one, having been actively involved in the religious, cultural and educational life of Ghana through her numerous publications. She died in 2006.

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