The Christiansons Impostors of God

Publisher: Augustine Sherman

Author: Augustine Sherman

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THE CHRISTIANSONS (Impostors of God) A novel by Augustine Sherman 
I started off wanting to write a story about the rats, roaches and lizards constantly disturbing me whenever I tried to sleep. But the persistent gnawing idiosyncrasies of the Christianson brothers compelled me to stop and take a closer look at the threesome.
Alex, the youngest of the three brothers was a delusional narcissist, whose lust to impress left him frequently overextended. Preston, the overzealous wolf with pompous yearning for full figures was constantly tormented by his inability to achieve his ultimate ambition. Leonard, the eldest of the three was a reckless megalomaniac, who believed he was divinely sanctioned to do God’s will; therefore, thought he was virtually untouchable as he openly and irresponsibly pursued his thirst for young girls. He will learn that the consequence of his passion is dreadfully devastating.

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