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The idea this book is geared toward children breaks my heart. The fact there are people in this world who believe the things written in this book break my heart. Sit down and have a real talk with your children instead, do not let them be brain washed into thinking the ideas presented in this book are fact. It tells them that natural, normal feelings about sex, hormones, relationships and authority essentially make them horrible, slutty people who are going to hell. Sit down and open a dialog with your child and the bible instead. It's not wrong to feel or think certain things, it's the actions you take afterward that count. The teenage years can be so confusing and many emotions or thoughts can come up. Help your kid understand them and channel them to be productive, don't let these authors brain wash them into thinking they are horrible people.
Here are some quotations from the book, that often illustrate distinctive doctrines of the WBTS:
"The Bible's hope of the resurrection does not eliminate grief." (Pg. 132)
"The prime obligation for Christians today is to preach the Kingdom message." (Pg. 175)
"The Bible, of course, does not spell out exactly how many years of schooling a Christian youth should obtain... Nevertheless, is a university degree always worth the huge commitment of time and money it demands?... Would a university education steer you toward or away from your spiritual goals?" (Pg. 176-177)
"You should be particularly cautious about reading anything that expounds a philosophy of life." (Pg. 284)


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