Hyam - The cat who talked too much

Publisher: M-Y Books

Author: Pamela Douglas

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Price: GHS 20.00

This is a tale of a cat called Hyam  a very special cat. In fact he is a theatrical cat, a fastidious cat, a funny cat, but most of all an adored cat.Most famous for talking himself out of a part at an audition for a West End production  for he is an actor. Here he tells his own story in a series of delightfully readable poems a pleasure for all age groups. Follow his adventures as he takes us on his travels through the ups and downs of theatre life and his many escapades as a sophisticated actor, a country puss and a muchloved family pet. Irresistibly combining both a sense of humour and an abounding love of its Feline Subject, with the Author’s delightful illustrations throughout ‘ Hyam The Cat who Talked To Much‘ will capture your imagination and steal your heart.The perfect gift book for all the family ages 9 – 90. Comes with a special offer to buy the Hyam the Cat gift.

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