Hex: Quenching all the flaming missiles of the evil one

Publisher: KRISTEVAC

Author: Kwaku Achampong-Baifie

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Price: GHS 15.00

 Hex {pl. hexes} is the use of magic powers in order to harm somebody. To put a Hex on somebody therefore is to use magic powers in order to harm him. Often times two personalities are involved in this heinous act. : The Perpetrator and The Facilitator. The Perpetrator is the one who has decided to make you the focus of his spiritual attacks. The Facilitator is the one employed by the perpetrator to perform the necessary rituals to project an Element of Darkness against you to harm you. The Bible describes these Evil Projections as, “The Fiery Darts of the Wicked One {Eph. 6:16 , KJ} ; The Flaming Missiles of the Wicked One {AMP} ; The Flaming Arrows of the Evil One {NIV} ;The Burning Arrows shot by the Evil One {GNB } ;
The Fiery Arrows aimed at you by Satan {LB} and The Fiery Darts of the Wicked {AV}. Whatever version of the Bible one uses, the objective of the Perpetrator is the same – to use magic powers in order to project an Element of Darkness against you to kill you. Some of the people who are not adherents of the Christian faith are the culprits involved in these wicked acts.
The Bible prescribes a solution to this menace and makes provision for both the Perpetrator and the Facilitator to receive their fair share of the effects of the
Element of Darkness they have projected against the Christian to cause havoc. This book examines what emanates from these Evil Projections against the
Victims and how to pay back the Perpetrator and the Facilitator double for their heinous crime.

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