Dealing with the Evil Altars in the Family

Publisher: KRISTEVAC

Author: Kwaku Achampong-Baifie

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Price: GHS 25.00

If your Hereditary Spiritual Roots and/or your Early Spiritual Exposures were not in Jehovah God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, then you have an Evil Foundation or Background and it surely cannot stand the tests of time. Like Jabez, many have been born on the Platform of Evil Foundations. You cannot start with a Demonic Foundation and have a successful Life or Ministry unless you deal with your Evil Background because Your Foundation determines Your Destiny. The Problems of Evil Background and Ancestral Foundational Bondage have not
been adequately presented to the Church. The fact that you are Born Again or even a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ does not exempt you from foundational
problems. Ministerial Failure is inevitable for Ministers who neglect Deliverance from Foundational Bondage. 95% of the problems that are brought to the Church can be traced to the Ancestral Foundations of the Victims. There is no denying the fact that our ancestors have caused us serious problems. Every man is a quotation of his ancestors. Jesus laid everything bare during His earthly ministry by pointing accusing fingers at the ancestral foundation of the Jews {Matt. 23:29-36}. The words of Jesus leave no one
in doubt as regards the fact that our ancestors would have introduced serious battles into our lives. Many problems of Black people can be directly linked to Dark Ministrations at Evil Altars, which are a major cause of Evil Foundations. This book examines Evil Family Altars and shows the way out of this Spiritual Bondage.

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