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From childhood, we all have dreams and aspirations of becoming successful in life. We study to become doctors, excellent managers, famous lawyers, among others; build nice mansions, drive flashy cars and probably have ideal families. Yes, all these dreams are nice, after all there is no limit to what one wants to become in life. The thing that matters most, however, is how they are realized. To be able to achieve them, you need to put a time limit on them and decide when you want to see them achieved.
Beyond the career cliché is the totality of your well-being; spirit, soul and body. So the kind of future we’re talking about here is total; it’s in all areas of your life. It means being excellent in every single aspect of your life: you growing spiritually, prospering financially, excelling at school or in business, and dealing wisely in the affairs of life.
This book, a blend of process strategies, experiences and strategic planning, will assist you in determining and achieving your desired future. It will not only clarify your hopes and dreams, it will also provide you with strategies for overcoming challenges that you may be confronted with as you put the future in motion.
For students, the book offers guidance in charting the right career path based on their natural abilities, talents and potentials.
This book should be given to anyone with the desire to fulfil his or her God-given purpose. A must read for every high school and university student. It is an invitation to plough through desert sands and the sense of achievement on reaching places you had only ever dreamed of.

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