Thinking Outside the Window

Publisher: Xulon Press

Author: Dr. Yaw Perbi

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PART MEMOIR, PART MANIFESTO. THE MISSION OF CHANGING THE WORLD HAS CHANGED... A LOT!   This masterpiece, which is mysteriously a memoir and a manifesto, reveals not only how the mission of changing the world has changed...a lot, but also how to respond appropriately. Nobody in 1910 would've imagined a book like this coming from an African medical doctor now pastoring an English-speaking Chinese church in a French City in North America. In three scintillating parts Dr. Yaw Perbi shares yesterday's story of global mission and his personal call from medicine to mission and from Ghana to the global stage; today's realities of a changed world and how to face a future that starts with you, here and now. Your heart will be thrilled as we get in, on, over, under, around, through and beyond boxes-even no boxes! The mission of changing the world has significantly changed and you will want to as well, after reading Thinking Outside the Window.   Thank you, Yaw for reminding us that an old vision is finished. God is doing a new thing. May God help us all to get on board! Paul Borthwick, Author, Western Christians in Global Mission: What's the Role of the North American Church?   While various agencies were strategizing on how to get the Good News into 'closed doors' God continued His work of breaking down old paradigms and stereotypes of making disciples of all nations. Welcome to the new paradigm of God's mosaic of mission. Femi B. Adeleye, Director of Church Partnerships, World Vision International   Dr. Perbi encourages readers to think differently about missions in our highly globalized, twenty-first century world. This book will challenge you in fresh ways. J.D. Payne, Author, Missiologist, Pastor  Dr. Yaw Perbi is a physician, pastor and president of International Student Ministries Canada, with over 100 staff and 500 volunteers from coast to coast in the second widest country on earth. He is the founder and global CEO of The HuD Group with operations in over a dozen countries.                  

As a medical doctor he has practiced medicine in both his home country, Ghana, and as a military captain with the United Nations Operation in Cote d'Ivoire.  Dr. Perbi's 15 books include titles like YouthPower, seXsense and Financial Whizzdom. He's spoken in 22 countries on five continents and has been the toast of media groups worldwide, including CNN, the National Press Club (Washington DC), VOA, CBC and BBC. Yaw currently resides in Montreal, Canada with his dear wife Anyele and four delightful children: Agyina, Ashede, Adwenepa and Ahotew.

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