Harem Master

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

Author: R. B. Hatch

Availability: In Stock

Price: GHS 20.00

John's affluent and happy life takes a tragic turn when his family is suddenly killed by a drunk driver. Struggling to cope with his sudden loss, John recovers from his physical injuries with the help of his doctor, Candy, and a host of other women whose gradual affection for him eventually turn to an insatiable lust as they offer to become his lovers. But when John's secret life as the head of TerraCop is exposed, the scope of his sexual magnetism only grows larger, and John soon finds himself the master of his own harem. His harrowing exploits and escapades in TerraCop force him into a life-or-death situation; but will his new role as Harem Master help or hinder his investigations? Will his harem continue to grow, or was it just a temporary distraction on the road to recovery? Please note that Harem Master contains sexually explicit material.

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