A Journal of Healing Dedicated to Those Who Have Loved and Lost

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

Author: Carlene Hall-Sylvan

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Price: GHS 20.00

This heartfelt book takes readers on a journey through the chaotic and traumatic existence of a widow, as she tries to cope with the challenges and changes that occur as a result of the death of her husband. She battles to maintain balance and stability in her home, but the greater battle is in the recesses of her mind, where pain and grief are real and personal. No cosmetics can hide the tears that flow under the cover of darkness. Finally, the book is about her emergence and metamorphosis into someone with a changed philosophy of life and existence. Written by a woman who has Loved and Lost, it is ultimately about healing, acceptance, and metamorphosis. "I only found peace after I wrote my thoughts on paper. That is when the journey began."

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