Book of The Covenant (4th edition)

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

Author: Gimel UriYAH

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The Faith of Abraham, Yitzchak, and Yaaqob and the Covenant which ELOHIM made with him and his descendants, including their faithful gentile commonwealth, is Hebraic in context. All scriptures undergirding this everlasting Faith and Covenant should be read, interpreted and applied (rightly) in the context of their Hebraic framework, including the Messianic Testimonies and Letters (NT). If these scriptures are interpreted or translated at the expense of their original Hebraic context and pertinent terminologies, then such interpretation and translation would accordingly be compromised. This Book of The Covenant (BTC) is a strategic restoration of the Hebraic roots and context of the Scriptures through an integrated translation and transliteration (ITT) process. This is achieved primarily through the careful transliteration of doctrinally crucial terminologies from their contextual Hebraic root words. A fundamental example is the generic divinity title "God" being restored to its original Hebraic designation "ELOHIM." Another crucial example is the word "law, lawless, lawlessness," which is appropriately restored as "Torah, Torah-less, Torah-lessens" through this unique ITT process (whenever context refers to the Torah). Amongst the many Hebraic names being restored through this ITT process are the proper personal Names and Titles of the only true ELOHIM - ADONAI YAHWEH; as well as that of HIS Mashiach – Adon YAHshua.

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