Companion in Surgical Practice

Publisher: Smartline Publishers

Author: Joe-Nat A. CLEGG-LAMPTEY

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Price: GHS 35.00

"In rapidly changing and ever more complex disciplines such as the surgical
sciences, it is at times difficult for a young doctor to retain a clear view of
some of the guiding principles of good medical practice. Common sense of course
must prevail in application of recent advances and compassion must be shown to
all patients and to their anxious relatives. Conscious awareness of the
escalating costs of modern surgical care is paramount and should be evident in
conscientious efforts of doctors to scale down the patients expenses through
judicious selection of essential investigations and rational use of ethical
preparations. Above all “complication free surgery” must be the primary target
of both surgeon and patient, a vision that should be shared by the entire team
of careers.
The authors have admirably encapsulated these precepts of surgical practice,
particularly for the young practitioner, from the sub-intern (senior student) to
the Chief Resident. Of course the book addresses directly the problems facing
the beleaguered resident or house officer throughout Ghana, but clearly it
should be appealing also to all doctors actively involved in hospital practice
throughout the developing world."

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