Publisher: Step Publishers

Author: David Kwame Kwakye

Availability: In Stock

Price: GHS 6.00

When Nana Akua has a premonition regarding a boy about to be hit by a car, she leaves Kumasi for Accra with her mother in a bid to warn the boy. Unknown to Nana Akua, Amanfo, the boy she is trying to warn, has bigger problems to deal with. Against his will, he is being forced to steal money from banks because of his special ability to walk through walls. Another girl, Awura Esi, blind, but possessing an ability to see despite her blindness, is trying to help set Amanfo free from the people who are making him steal. Nana Akua and Awura Esi's paths cross, and they join forces to help set Amanfo free. In the process, they discover a truth that is as revealing as it is shocking.

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