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Author: Abdul

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Luckster: A Game of Life and Mama (The Thousand Day Journey (Mama's Boy Series) Book 1)

At the foot of the Olden Mountains wreathed with ancient clouds, a bushy-haired village boy watches as a Vulture murders his father and raids his village. Since that night when panic and gore settled on the humble homes of Sharkney, the 7-year-old avid climber became his mother’s sole protector, traversing the vast lands of Empire to make a living and find the cure for her ailing heart.

Now, 17, Aldyn has wagered his life for the Heartstone to save his mama, but events bring him face-to-face with his father’s killer in the city of Kestabal. Aldyn’s thirst for vengeance and the twisting knots of fate lead to him being declared a fugitive after escaping a death sentence, and his journey becomes blighted by betrayal as he receives the worst news of all: the Vultures who raided his home are back, and there is no one to protect his mother and the girl he conveniently calls sister.

As the first novella in the Mama's Boy Series, this fantasy/action adventure short story presents a fictionalised narrative of the true struggles of brave young men and women as they suffer to make a better life for their families.

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