Finding Anansi

Publisher: Self-published

Author: Abdul

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Price: GHS 5.00

The journey continues in book two of The Thousand-day Journey, a Mama’s Boy Series…

When Aldyn returns home to find the Vultures have kidnapped his mother, he sets out on a journey to find her. But for years the Marauding Clans have been rumoured to live in realms far from Empire and nobody knows where that is. Not to be discouraged though, the boy from Sharkney heads for the mythical Anansi Cave that sits at the end of the Dead Sea. Inside, he hopes to find the last descendant of Anansi whose Gourd of Wisdom should help him locate the Marauders. But things do not turn out as he hoped they would…

While fighting to save himself from monstrous high-flying Deryndons, Aldyn finds himself on a quest that might bring the oldest legend to life…or make new ones.

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