Sale Breaking the Power of Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco

Breaking the Power of Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco

Publisher: Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Author: Rev Charles Agyinasare

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Price: GHS 18.00 GHS 12.00

Alcohol is a man-made drink which is also the most abused drug on earth. Bishop Charles Agyinasare writes in this book that alcohol, drug abuse and tobacco use has so many side effects which kills millions yearly.Breaking the Power of Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco is an attempt by a former user of all 3  substances, now a clergyman, and one who  has helped many break this evil habit. He uses his personal  experience, the power of God, and the knowledge acquired through  research to help this generation deal with this deadly menace. May this  book help you and your loved ones find  deliverance from these vices.

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