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Ambassadors of Heaven

Publisher: Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Author: Rev Charles Agyinasare

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 There is an ongoing war being waged in the spirit realm for the souls of men. The Bible shows us that Satan wants to keep these souls captive forever; whereas God does not desire for anyone to perish, but wants liberty proclaimed to the whole world. Believers therefore need to mobilize, armed with the truth of God’s word, faith and power, to dispel the works of darkness. That is why Bishop Charles Agyinasare, in his book Ambassadors of Heaven, makes us understand why now is the time for heaven’s ambassadors to rise up and be victorious in the world; what their duty is in this warfare; and how they can be successful in carrying out this divine mandate for the sake of the Kingdom of God. In these pages, the reader will find practical keys for engaging the spiritual forces concerned. He inspires with the revelation of God’s word, and challenges with his personal testimonies. Precious one, prepare to do damage to the kingdom of darkness!

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