Sale Dealing With Sex Lust & Sexual Sins

Dealing With Sex Lust & Sexual Sins

Publisher: Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Author: Rev Charles Agyinasare

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 With the continent of Africa at risk of losing half of its youth to HIV/AIDS, many marriages ending on the rocks due to sexual
 and many being disgraced with sexual scandals, Bishop Agyinasare’s book Dealing with Sex, Lust, Love and Sexual Sins is
just what you need. In this book he shows what sex, lust and sexual sins are, and explains why sexual sins are graver than others. He also deals with the touchy subject of homosexuality, lesbianism and prostitution, as well as incest, rape and bestiality. Bishop Agyinasare had a problem with lust and sexual sin before meeting Jesus Christ. He was set free and has lived a victorious life since 1980. In this book he equips us against this deadly menace of lust and sexual sin and shows us how to love truly. This books is your key to a victorious life. Get a copy now!

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