LOVE Myelitis

Publisher: Partridge Africa

Author: Elorm Beenie

Availability: In Stock

Price: GHS 10.00
“…From the same class, Nunya sat in the same desk with Akosua. She had a pretty  feminine geography but her rotten teeth were a feature that scared him all the time.  Apart from Akosua’s scary teeth, she had a boisterous attitude that pissed off everyone in the class, including Madam Tina, the class teacher. In the midst of the classroom  drama emerges another girl called Alima, a transferred student who sat beside Nunya and Akosua in the same desk – they were all in Primary School then.  Alima stole Nunya’s heart along the way and their love grew steadily until they got into JSS 3 – final year of basic school – when Alima had to travel out of the country without a hint about the trip to her adolescent lover, Nunya. Nunya was hard hit; he got into High School with high hopes of finding solace in another girl but all his hopes of finding love in High School was just a phantasmagoria. He vowed never to fall in love again but a  year on, while he kept the single life (after High School), Abena proved to him that he  was too special to stay single. The two fell in love and had quite a romantic relationship but just when the relationship was beginning to bloom, Abena dumped Nunya two months after she gained admission into the university…”

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