Long Vacation Encounters

Publisher: Step Publishers

Author: Lawrence Darmani

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Price: GHS 6.00

The long vacation has hardly begun when Kukua and Samira encounter the woman again. She has returned to claim Samira, her only daughter. Akumaa Brown, the woman, carries her fierce demand to Kukua’s uncle: a 17-year-old secret is about to be uncovered. But the tables turn against Akumaa when the law catches up on her over her own dark side. One encounter after another turn the long vacation into one huge adventure for the students on holidays, until it is clear who Samira’s biological
parents are—a revelation that shocks Kukua. When the long vac is over and Kukua and Samira return to school, guess what they see on the Headmaster’s Honours’ List. Yet, Kukua is careful in taking delight in this academic achievement. After all, “academic success is not an end in itself but a means to an end,” she recalls Grandma writing in one of her letters. If academic success is not an end in itself, then what is the end? Kukua has already
found, thanks to the long vacation encounters.

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