Serwa Akoto's Diary

Publisher: Type Publishers

Author: Mary Ashun

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Price: GHS 14.99

 Kweku and I meet at The Layover, an eatery just opened up on the Spintex road. He is dapper and carries himself like an athlete and I must admit he is delicious to look at. His teeth could use some fixing though since they are a tad crooked. He orders even before he sits down or says hi to me. Rude. He proceeds to tell me of all the degrees he has: B.A, B.Sc, M.B.A, J.D, C.H.B.S, M.D.C, C.R.A.P the last one was my addition. I just stared at him and wondered if
he knew he was full of himself? I’m so glad I’m not full of myself. Just imagine if I was? I told mama this evening that Kweku was inappropriate. “What do you mean by inappropriate? He is handsome, has many degrees, has his own law firm and he is from a good family.” “But I don’t like him Mama.” “Why can’t you like him?” I stared at her with my mouth open. And then I shut it because I knew that the very next minute, she would walk across the room and shut it for me. “Because, I like someone else.

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