Finding Heroes

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

Author: Larry Dillon

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Price: GHS 20.00

The purpose of this book is to help hiring managers learn and hone their skills to interview anyone successfully. It was written to be an easy weekend read and a quick reference guide for use just prior to any interview. With repeated use, the techniques learned from this book will become second nature, enabling the “trained” hiring manager to conduct a successful interview using as few as three well-crafted questions targeted to assess the aspect of greatest importance to the case at hand.

After reading this book, hiring managers will appreciate the interviewing process from both sides of the desk. The book covers the interviewer’s role as it fosters an understanding of the interviewee’s expectations. It is a powerful tool helping the interviewer to observe and read the interviewee.

Unlike other books on this subject, author Larry Dillon has written this book with the busy hiring manager in mind. There are no filters and no need for a great deal of searching through it to find an answer. This book is sure to become a well worn, marked up reference positioned on the corner of every desk at all levels of management.

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